About Terra Verde

Terra Verde, from the very start, was meant to be an experience! We source organic coffee from around the world and roast them on site guaranteeing the freshest and most environmentally friendly product available. From our coffee, to our teas and espressos, quality is our most coveted guarantee.

We partner with coffee houses, grocery stores, ice cream parlors, specialty food stores, catering companies, restaurants and beyond. We provide the freshest roasted coffee beans for you to please your customers. It’s that simple.

We can develop a unique coffee blend or roast profile for your business. Giving your business a unique identity and advantage. Co-packing, co-branding, custom roasting and private labeling are also some of our hidden talents!

Fresh Roasted Coffee

We offer our premium organic coffee at select locations throughout North East Wisconsin, including our stores. Wholesale coffee is also available for businesses looking to offer a delicious premium organic coffees from around the world.

We strive to provide a delicious cup of coffee every day, every time. At Terra Verde we work diligently to be a part of the success of your business through our products and expertise. We can assist from concept to opening the doors to your dream shop. When you choose Terra Verde you're guaranteed quality and dependability.

We welcome everyone to come visit and watch us roast. It’s the best time to make sure that your coffee is going to be the freshest. Get to know us and you’ll see we are so much more than what we brew.

Ice Cream

We make all your ice cream to order. So it’s as fresh as possible. No one likes old stuff. We train and follow up with consistent visits to ensure your success. Making you look good! We can also create unique and custom flavors just for you and your customer happiness. Hmm Avocado chip anyone?… Yes just for meeee! We use only the best and natural ingredients that we can get our hands on. No hormones here. Moodiness only comes in the absence of ice cream!


Collaborating with top-tier equipment partners, we enhance your capacity to craft the finest cup of coffee for your business. Our team of dedicated full-time technicians ensures that your cafe equipment consistently performs at its peak.