Musica Esp

The Musica is an elegant compact volumetric machine capable of delivering high-quality espresso. This machines size, output, and styling making it ideal for a number of venues.

Suitable for: Homes, Offices, Mobile Locations, Dinners, and Small Shops.

Volumetric: The Musica is a volumetric espresso machine, allowing the operator to program up to three independent dosages. Once programmed the three independent dosages can be easily selected via the back-lit soft-touch buttons, found on the front of the machine. All of which can be dimmed and brightened to fit-in at any setting.

Pour Over VS Direct Connect: This machine comes in two different setups. One with a water tank reservoir for ease of use (pour over) and another that can connect directly to a water source (direct connect), eliminating the need to refill the tank in the back.

Optional Supercharged Upgrade: The “Super Charge” upgrade is a powerful upgrade that can transform your espresso machine into a high-performance machine that can make espressos and steamed milk drinks faster and with more consistency. This upgrade increases steam pressure and speeds up recovery. This upgrade is perfect for those using smaller machines for commercial purposes or prosumers that want a little extra oomph.

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